Between the lines with Taylor Russell

“It takes courage”

You never know what you’re going to get when you go to the ball park.  Be it a triple play like we turned last summer or a ten-run first inning such as the one we had last Thursday.  That’s also one of the most frustrating things about this game as a player.  One game you could be hitting three hole and go four for four at the plate only to have your confidence stripped from you next game with three strike outs.

Baseball always has a way of humbling you, just when you think you have it all figured out the game finds a way to take it all away from you in a matter of a few hours.  The nature of this game makes it easy to lose your emotion and your cool.  It’s not enough to be talented in this game you have to have emotion and passion. I have mixed feelings on emotion in baseball. On one hand, I appreciate it because it means a player truly cares about his performance and wants to do his best at all times for his team.  On the other hand, everyone has days where they lose control, and you try to limit it as best as you can.

It’s a fine line that players have to balance: being confident but not overconfident, being emotional but not overemotional.

It takes courage to play this game. Day in and day out, everyone’s going to feel different before each game. Some days you may feel worn down and other days you may feel like you can’t wait to get an at-bat or you could be on the mound and know you don’t have your best stuff.  It’s all the same, but it takes courage to keep working at-bat to at-bat, or inning to inning, and day-to-day.


About Lexington Hustlers

Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League (GLSCL) team est. 2010. Named after the original Lexington Hustlers of the 1940s and 1950s. Roster is comprised of some of the top players in college baseball; many from the central Kentucky area, and most of our staff comes from our internship program, which is largely responsible for performing organizational duties throughout the summer.
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